Author: richard

In-Wheel Motors: How to Roll with Direct Drive

The wheel may date from as long ago as 3500 BC, with the development of a wheel used in pottery making in Mesopotamia.  But the wheel as a transportation device came some 300 years later, after humans met the challenge of fitting a cylinder that could rotate freely, to an axle, a stationary, stable platform, without friction and without falling off. Continue reading “In-Wheel Motors: How to Roll with Direct Drive”

Body in White, Lightweighting and Mixed Materials

Cars are made from the inside-out.  From the frame and structural elements, and the other parts you can’t see, to the point where the sheet metal components are welded together, and what’s recognizable as a car really takes shape.  “Body in white” is that stage before those external elements are painted, before moving parts like doors and hoods, and trim assemblies, like glass and seats, have been made a part of the frame. Continue reading “Body in White, Lightweighting and Mixed Materials”