Automotive Wheels Design Trends

While everybody was focused on discussing cars (as it usually happens with car show events), the Geneva Motor Show 2017 revealed several notable changes in automotive wheels design trends. Although concave wheels still remain popular, we have spotted a lot of innovative, often more aggressive shapes. Wheels are undoubtedly the car’s most notable accessory, so let’s take an in-depth look at what top auto manufacturers select for their next vehicle models. 

Black is back

At SEMA 2016 lots of different wheel colors and combinations came into the spotlight. Geneva Motor Show participants chose the opposite direction: the world’s top auto manufacturers seem to prefer classic black, grey and silver tones. Carbon-graphite shades and lighter accent colors were commonly used to complete the look.

From off-road to the streets

The popularity of off-road racing keeps growing from year to year, and this trend is now affecting street-legal wheel designs too.  Rugged lines and sophisticated forms seem to be making their way from an aftermarket to a global luxury car market.  

Timeless classic

5-spokes designs have been around for ages and they are not going anywhere anytime soon. These wheels usually come in standard silver metallic color.

Wheel materials

Expensive cars deserve expensive wheels, so top manufacturers often opt for forged or flow formed wheels. Not only do they improve performance, but also contribute to a sleeker look. Forged monobloc wheels have  remained the prefered choice for luxury vehicles for years.  Other than specific production technology, the weight and material of the wheel are among its most important characteristics. There seem to be no major changes in how hypercar wheels are made. At the Geneva Motor Show this year, Aston Martin presented its stunning Valkyrie on a set of lightweight magnesium wheels (in case you missed it, AM-RB 001 by Aston Martin and Red Bull is now called Valkyrie).

Wheel sizes

Aston Martin Valkyrie comes with 20” front wheels and 21” wheels in the rear. Wheel size preferences didn’t change a lot from last year, with the majority of top vehicles being produced with 20”/ 21” wheels.


The Geneva Motor Show is a highly-watched automotive event that is usually full of surprises and world premieres. Drivers and auto enthusiasts may rely on its trends with confidence, as they indicate a direction in which the automotive industry is moving. If you are planning a wheel upgrade anytime soon consider colors or styles similar to the ones mentioned above to stay ahead of the curve.


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